Rapid7 Public Policy

消费者、企业和政府越来越依赖相互关联的复杂技术. 使社会能够安全地从这一进步中获益,需要强有力的网络安全政策, practices, and awareness. To advance this cause, Rapid7 works with governments, companies, non-profits, and experts to shape policies, standards, and legislation that benefit consumers and defend responsible cybersecurity practitioners.

Our Policy Work

Computer Access Laws

限制计算机访问和使用的法律应该谨慎地平衡打击网络犯罪的需要与支持安全研究的价值, innovation, and other legitimate activity.


Independent security research is valuable for advancing cybersecurity, 但《十大赌博正规信誉网址》(CFAA)对有益的研究和恶意黑客行为几乎没有区别. 我们支持负责任的CFAA改革和澄清,以保护安全研究人员和互联网用户免受过于宽泛的责任.

UK Computer Misuse Act

The UK's Computer Misuse Act (CMA) imperils the sharing of defensive security tools, provides no acknowledgement of the importance of good faith security research, and fails to define what constitutes authorization for access to systems. Rapid7支持合理的改革,澄清这些问题,在不为滥用创造机会的情况下推进网络安全.



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Meet the Team

Deral Heiland
Principal Security Consultant

Deral Heiland CISSP, serves as a Research Lead (IoT) for Rapid7. Deral has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field, and has held multiple positions including: Senior Network Analyst, Network Administrator, Database Manager, Financial Systems Manager and Senior Information Security Analyst. Over the last 10+ years Deral’s career has focused on security research, security assessments, penetration testing, and consulting for corporations and government agencies. Deral also has conducted security research on numerous technical subjects, releasing white papers, security advisories, 并在包括黑帽在内的众多国家和国际安全会议上展示了这些信息, Defcon, Shmoocon, DerbyCon, RSAC, Hack In Paris. 德拉尔接受了包括美国广播公司《十大赌博正规信誉网址》在内的多家媒体和出版物的采访, BBC, Consumer Reports, MIT Technical Review, SC Magazine, Threat Post and The Register.

Sabeen Malik
Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy

Sabeen Malik is the Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy at Rapid7. 在她的教育和职业追求中,她成为了数字经济和技术政策问题的思想领袖, law and economic development, innovation economies, and next-generation emerging technology and economic trends. Sabeen has worked in the private and public sector, including at Thumbtack, Google, 她曾在美国国务院担任负责经济增长的副国务卿的高级技术顾问, Energy, and the Environment. Along with a passion for global technology trends in business and economic issues, 她还擅长弥合公共和私营部门之间的分歧,建立解决全球问题的国际伙伴关系. Sabeen serves on several boards and is a Truman National Security Fellow, Aspen Socrates Fellow, Atlantic Council Non Resident Fellow, and Stimson Loomis Council member. She has spoken at the World Bank, the UN, and the White House.

Tas Giakouminakis
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tas Giakouminakis leads Rapid7’s Office of the CTO, focusing on security research, 数据科学和公共政策倡议,通过开放和协作的参与来改善安全社区. As Rapid7's co-founder and CTO, Tas previously led the development and integration of Rapid7’s award-winning solutions, driving the technical direction to enable customers through quality, simplicity, and innovation. Prior to founding Rapid7, Tas helped form Percussion Software, where he led the development of Percussion's first product. He has also developed software in the security and risk areas for CitiCorp. Tas serves on the Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) at the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, where he advises on export controls related to information security products.